How did Cevidra become expert in navigating the hospital market?

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CEVIDRA has been selling and distributing medicinal products to hospitals for over 15 years. We have been building a solid expertise in the matter by mastering the public tender market, implementing the appropriate IT tools, and nurturing a close relationship with hospitals.

Hospital purchasing platforms
The relationship with hospitals
Responding to hospital tenders

The relationship with hospital purchasing platforms

We have built a good relationship with the coordinators of the main public hospital platforms. These relationships enable us to introduce to the French hospital market medicinal products that remedy structural or temporary shortages, in close cooperation with public health authorities (ANSM, DGOS).

Furthermore, we also put together full applications for medicinal products that have a MA in France to be referenced with these platforms, which must respect certain criteria.

At the request of some purchasing platforms, we also provide an annual report on the revenues generated by CEVIDRA with the members.


The relationship with hospitals

Cevidra has 15 years of experience in the sale and distribution of medicinal products to hospitals, which provides us with a recognized expertise.

Responding to hospital tenders

We have built a strong expertise in calls for tender over the years, which enables CEVIDRA to guarantee a flawless follow-up and a submission that uses the adequate digital tools.

The quality of the response, respect for deadlines, the respect of the criteria defined by the hospital platforms; these elements are essential to winning a call for tender. This is why we know how each detail matters and use all our experience to respond in the most appropriate way, particularly with regard to:

  • Product quality

  • Pricing

  • The services associated with the supply of the product, such as delivery times, the type of packaging, the deadline for processing orders, shipping costs…

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